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How many tracks does Oreville have and how big are they?
Oreville has 2 interconnected tracks consisting of an 1/6 mile paved oval and 1/4 mile Road Course.

What is the minimum age to start racing?
Our youngest class is the Kid Karts and there ages are from 5 to 8 years of age.

What is the maximum age to start racing?
Till you are dead. All ages are welcome to race!

Do you have rental karts?
I’m sorry, but we currently do not have rental karts.

How much are Pit Passes & Spectator Passes?
Pit Passes are $15 per Member and $18 for Non-Members. Spectating from the hill by the scoring shack is FREE!

Is there a Group Rate?
Pit Passes are not eligible for group discount.

General Parking:
We have plenty of parking including along the fence line where the spectators can watch.

Pit Parking:
Pit Spots are First Come, First Serve.

What tires do you run?
We are a Open Tire Rule Track! Any tire is welcome as long as it meets WKA size and width safety specs.

Food & Beverages:
Visit the our Concession Stand located at the end of scoring shack. We have a variety of delicious food items at reasonable prices.

There are 2 portable restrooms located up in the spectator area and 2 restrooms in the pit area.

Rain Checks:
Wristbands & Entry Fees will be honored for one of the next (2) events, unless specified differently. Details are announced by track management.

Rainout Information:
You can check out our Website, Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Subscribe to Rained Out, or Subscribe to our Email List to receive up to date cancellation info.

Pets are allowed but the owner must clean up after pet and must be kept on a leash at all times. Any pet causing problems with other people will be asked to be left at home.

Alcohol in Pits & Grandstand:
No alcohol is permitted during the race events.

Banners and signs are welcome providing they are in good taste as determined by management. They may not interfere with the vision of other fans. No commercial banners or signage allowed anywhere on the speedway grounds without prior arrangement with management.

Kart Racing is meant to be fun. This is not the Daytona 500 or Indy 500. Any Dirty or Reckless Driving will not be tolerated. Any Foul and/or lewd language or behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone causing problems could face removal from the speedway grounds and/or suspension.

All Announcements can be heard over the PA System. The announcer will make birthday and anniversary announcements if they are in the current week. These requests must be written legibly and brought to the scoring shack.

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